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February 2012 News from Quaker Center

Winter is still a time for the growth and the warmth of community at Quaker Center despite the colder temperatures.  We brought in the new year with 27 companions for the Year End Retreat and we just hosted 26 people last weekend for an enriching look at the radical Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his nonviolent approach to social transformation.  One of the leaders, Be Scofield, has an incredibly resource rich website, with awesome video clips of King, some of which are recently released.  Please check out the website and enjoy!

We are looking forward to more nonviolence training as we host Dorothy Henderson, Head of School at the Woolman Semester, who will facilitate our learning of Nonviolent Communication and how we can answer to that of God in others during everyday interactions, and also in our meeting communities where conversations can sometimes be quite challenging.

Quaker Center Survey

Quaker Center announces our new Friend in Residence program. Experienced Friends are invited to live, study, worship, and work at Quaker Center for periods of six weeks to six months.

Quaker Center offers Quaker meeting for worship Monday through Saturday from 7:30 until 8:00 AM. Extended meeting for worship is offered on Thursday, continuing until 9 AM.

View our 2011 program schedule and register for our upcoming programs: our three youth camps, Community Work Camp, “Savvy Activism and Spirit-led Witness” with Shan Cretin and Joe Morris, and “To Be Broken and Tender” with Margery Post Abbott.

The Ben Lomond Quaker Center Association is pleased to announce that Bob and Kathy Runyan of Chico (CA) Meeting are our new Quaker Center Directors. They began their employment here in mid-March. Click here to learn more about them.