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Being Truly Seen and Heard

A Weekend for Couples with Kathy and Jeff Richman

January 28 – 30, 2022

This course is full and registration has been closed. 

“Have you ever sat with [your beloved}{when during a} conversation the talk took a new turn and you both listened avidly to the other and to something that was emerging…? You found yourselves saying things that astonished you and finally you stopped talking and there was an immense naturalness about the long silent pause that followed. In that silent interval you were possessed by what you had discovered together. If this has happened to you, you know that when you come up out of such an experience, there is a memory of rapture and a feeling in the heart of having touched holy ground.”               Douglas Steere, 1955

ABOUT THE PROGRAM LEADERS: Kathy and Jeff have been a couple for more than 40 years.  They attended their first Couple Enrichment workshop at the Friends General Conference Gathering in 1995 and were trained as leaders the following summer.  They have led workshops at Quaker Center, at FGC, and at several Meetings.  They are presently involved in creating an online training program for new leader couples, along with other members of Friends Couple Enrichment.   Kathy is a retired teacher, Jeff a retired school nurse.  They enjoy singing, hiking, gardening, and traveling.  They live in Salinas, CA, and are members of Live Oak Meeting.  They have two adult daughters and three grandkids.

This program is open to any couple in a committed relationship.  In the sessions, we will celebrate the joys of our lives as partners, work to improve communication, and learn how to use areas of conflict as an opportunity to grow as a couple.  At the heart of a couple enrichment workshop is learning and practicing the couple dialogue process.  It is a time of rich sharing in a loving and supportive environment. Particularly as we move forward after a year and a half of the pandemic, we may wish to reflect on how the pandemic has affected our relationships.  What do we wish to leave behind, and what do we wish to carry forward?

The program is not therapy.  It is intended for couples with a strong commitment to each other who want to improve and enhance their relationship. The workshop emphasizes creating a trustworthy and comfortable community, learning new concepts and skills, and giving couples the time and space to focus on each other.

Some sharing is expected, but no one has to share on any particular topic. Some work is done in private. It is not confrontational, and expectations will be stated to ensure the emotional safety and confidentiality of all participants.

The weekend will include communication exercises, worship, worship sharing, free time, and some fun!  You will be able to focus on your partner and on your relationship for an entire weekend. 




                       with Ben Pink Dandelion

 Online: January 18 to February 8, 2022                          4 Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (PT)

This course is full and registration has been closed. 

This course will look at the essential elements of the Quaker way, outlining the ideals of Quaker community life as well as its challenges. We’ll have plenty of time for questions and discussion. Equally suitable for newcomers or those with many years of experience.



with Jeanne Haskell & Susan Wilson

 A Weekly Online Program
Four 75-minute sessions
All four Fridays in February at noon Pacific Time


Come learn & play with us through this spiritual development & creativity workshop! Here is an opportunity to build compassion and understanding of yourself and others using wisdom gleaned from the Enneagram and through creative expression using Soul Collage as a form of reflection and expression. An Enneagram self assessment is encouraged in advance of the workshop available online for $12.00 at https://tests.enneagraminstitute.com/; There will be some instruction concerning the process for developing and using Soul Collages, as well as time for sharing and deep listening in a safe and affirming environment.
Jeanne Haskell is a certified Enneagram Instructor, consultant, and life coach. Jeanne trained with Russ Hudson and Don Riso of the Enneagram Institute in New York, graduated as a Deep Coaching Professional from the Deep Coaching Institute, and studied with Sandra Maitri, author of The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram.
Susan Wilson and Jeanne have been colleagues
and friends for over 10 years, and are both passionate about creating spaces for spiritual transformation. Susan is currently serving as Co-Director of the Ben Lomond Quaker Center.



Comprehensive rate$300. The top of our sliding scale covers all our direct costs for this retreat, including staff time, and those costs related to the use and long-term maintenance of the facilities.

Standard rate$200. Covers our direct costs, including staff time, but does not cover costs related to the use and long-term maintenance of the facilities. We hope most people will pay at least this amount.

Special reduced rate: $100: The bottom of our sliding scale covers our cash expenses for the program and sometimes a little bit more. We hope that this lower rate encourages more people to attend our programs.

We want you to join us. Please do not let cost be an obstacle. Additional scholarships are available if necessary. Please ask if in need.

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We have been offered a unique matching grant up to $10,000! For every new monthly (or Quarterly) donation pledge received between now and June 1st, each monthly amount will be matched.

For example: If you pledge $25/ month, Quaker Center will receive another $25 each month until June 1st, or until we’ve reached a total of $20,000, whichever comes first. We love monthly pledges because they help us to plan a realistic budget for the coming year and, of course, we love matching grants. It’s a win-win for us and your giving will be worth twice as much. 😊



Grieving & Dreaming 

with Mary Ann Percy & Mai Wolff Ostrom

 February 25 – 27, 2022


Towards Right Relationship with the Living World. A weekend of spiritual deepening and discernment toward right action on behalf of our Living World


“Only when we see that we are part of the totality of the planet, not a superior part with special privileges, can we work effectively to bring about an [E]arth restored to wholeness.”
                                                                                               – Elizabeth Watson
Gospel order is the order established by God that exists in every part of creation…It is the right relationship of every part of creation, however small, to every other part and to the Creator. …It has been the experience of Friends that no part of their lives as individuals or as a faith community is separate from their vision of gospel order.
–Lloyd Lee Wilson, 1993

 We as a people are not living in right relationship with Earth, which has led to devastating ecological destruction including climate change/chaos which threatens all life on Earth.  How do we transform our pain into Spirit-led action on behalf of Life on Earth? 

What needs to shift within and among us in order to change our relationship, address climate change/chaos and heal Earth and ourselves?  

We will be using The Work That Reconnects, (based in the teachings of Joanna Macy), through a Quaker lens. The Work unfolds as a spiral journey through four stages: Coming from Gratitude, Honoring our Pain for the World, Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes, and Going Forth. Each of these stages leads naturally to the next. 

Our intention is to share with you experiences of this powerful and healing work through the lens of Quaker practice, consistent with the words of George Fox “This I know experimentally,” which we would now understand as “experientially”

During the workshop we will discover and experience our innate connections with each other and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming our despair and overwhelm into inspired, Spirit-led, collaborative action.

During this weekend we will support one another with worship, experiential and contemplative practices from The Work That Reconnects, evocative queries, journaling, collage, discussion, and deep listening. And we will create structures to support our faithfulness in doing what is ours to do when we return home.

In preparation for our time together we hope that you’ll take a look at/read the book Active Hope, How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy, by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone, 2012.

Viewing the following videos where Joanna talks about this work and its deep value during these unprecedented and challenging times will help us be ready for our time together:

The Work That Reconnects https://workthatreconnects.org/spiral/






Mary Ann Percy, she/her — carries a life-long spiritual concern for Earth and all our relations, currently serves as an NPYM rep to Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) and previously served on Friends Committee on Unity with Nature (the previous name for QEW) from 1994-1998.  She is a trained Joanna Macy facilitator in The Work that Reconnects (WTR), long-time student of Thomas Berry, and more recently, Robin Wall Kimmerer. She has led Earth-centered workshops at FGC Gathering and for Friends groups and retreat centers throughout North America, and she is a member of Bellingham Friends Meeting (NPYM.)

Maia Wolff Ostrom, she/her, grew up in Orange Grove MM, (PYM).  She served on the Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) Steering Committee from 2008-2017 on the Mini Grants Committee. She is a parent, occupational therapist, clicker trainer, and regenerative farmer. Following organic practices, she is letting her life speak to climate crisis and is providing nutrient-dense food to underserved persons. Maia lives in Poulsbo, WA, on a farm where she enjoys crocheting with her own sheep’s wool, horseback riding with 2 kids and spouse, growing veggies and microbes, tending and milking sheep. She attends Agate Passage Friends Meeting (NPYM).





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