Gifts, Donations & Payments

Quaker Center is not just a beautiful place – it is a living community that seeks to “put into practice the Quaker testimonies of community, integrity, simplicity, peace, and equality” in the words of our mission statement.

You are invited to be part of this community by participating in our Programs and with your contributions. It takes many kinds of gifts, large and small, to keep Quaker Center vital – is there an opportunity below that speaks to you?

Financial Gifts

  • Financial contributions of all sizes are always welcome.
  • Name Ben Lomond Quaker Center in your will. Talk to your financial planner about the best way to ensure your support for Quaker Center.

Gifts of Time and Talent

  • Board Service – Join our board and/or one of its committees and engage with Quaker Center’s mission, programs, and facilities through Friends’ practices in a non-profit business setting.
  • Crafts – carpentry, electrical work, painting, trail work, work camp, etc.

Contributions of any size go a long way to ensure that Quaker Center is able to provide the space for individuals and groups to explore, play, reflect, worship and grow.