“Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody” online Book Club

Third Tuesday of each month starting March 19th, 2024
from 7:00 to 8:15 p.m. Pacific Time

This March 19th, we’ll be starting a monthly, online book club to read, discuss and reflect on James H. Cone’s 2018 memoir, “Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody: The Making of a Black Theologian.” We will discuss about one chapter a month.

UPDATE: This book club has already begun, but you are still very welcome to register, catch up to us in the reading, and join the group!

Barbara Birch (Strawberry Creek Friends Meeting) will convene this lightly facilitated book club, and hope to share facilitation duties with other volunteers as our group coalesces. Each session will include some worship, some group sharing, and small-group reflection and discussion of queries and study guide questions.

Click here to sign up and get the Zoom link

This event will be free of cost and open to all, and we will hope to create an inclusive space. This group will meet on the third Tuesday of each month, starting March 19th, from 7:00 to 8:15 p.m Pacific Time.

“James Cone (1938-2018) was a Methodist minister and theologian. He is best known for his advocacy of black theology and black liberation theology. His 1969 book Black Theology and Black Power provided a new way to comprehensively define the distinctiveness of theology in the black church. “
Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_H._Cone

“James Cone is widely regarded as the “father of Black Theology”–his own synthesis of Gospel message embodied by Martin Luther King, Jr., and the black pride of Malcolm X…This new work is truly the capstone to that career, showing how he was compelled by events to articulate this theology, how it led to his career at Union and his succession of books–along the way learning from his critics, his students, and the ongoing challenge of his principal models–King, Malcolm X, and James Baldwin.” Read more: https://readingreligion.org/9781626983021/said-i-wasnt-gonna-tell-nobody/

The book is available from the publisher, from most bookstores and online sellers, as well as as an e-book for Kindle and other formats.

Questions? Send an email to mail@quakercenter.org or call us at (831) 336-8333.

Click here to sign up and get the Zoom link