What are Quaker Center Programs?

Quaker Center offers an annual calendar of in-person weekend retreat programs that explore spiritual growth and deepening, the faith and practice of Quakerism, peace and social justice, environmentalism, and much more.

Check out our 2024 program calendar here!

What happens at a Quaker Center program? Activities at a Quaker Center program vary widely, and may include meditation, Quaker Worship and Worship Sharing, presentations, small and large group discussions, free time, walking and hiking, and art and service projects, to name a few. Participants can also expect to spend time hanging out together, enjoying meals and being among the redwoods.

How are the programs structured? While some program schedules may vary, our weekend programs usually begin with dinner on Friday (participants can arrive anytime after four). The first, opening session takes place after dinner. There are typically three program sessions on Saturday, interspersed with meals, downtime or free time, and other activities. Sunday generally includes a Meeting for Worship, breakfast and lunch, a group clean up, and the final program session. Participants will receive a schedule before arriving to Quaker Center.

Do you have to be a Quaker to attend Quaker Center Programs? No! Everyone is welcome to attend our programs, camps and other activities. Some of our programs treat very specific Quaker topics, while others may be of more general interest. However, whatever the subject, all are welcome to attend.

Is Quaker Center ADA accessible? There are ADA bathrooms at the Redwood Lodge, Orchard Lodge, Haven and Casa de Luz, and accessible bedrooms at the Orchard Lodge and the Haven. Both of the lodges are accessible. The Redwood Circle has an accessible, hard-packed gravel path. Please get in touch with us with any questions about accessibility at Quaker Center.

How do you register for a program? You can find a link to a registration form on the webpage for each program. If you have any questions about coming to a program, you can email us at mail@quakercenter.org or give us a call at (831) 336-8333.

How much do Quaker Center programs cost? Please read about our Pay-As-Led fee schedule and suggested amounts here.

Does Quaker Center still hold five-day programs? As of 2023, we currently have only one five-day in person program – the Year End Retreat, held from December 28th through January 1st.

What about Quaker Center’s online programs? During the pandemic, Quaker Center began to offer online programs and events. While we’re now meeting in person, we will continue to offer various online weekly series and other special events. These consist of 90-minute sessions on Zoom, once per week across three to six weeks. Much like our in-person programs, online activities vary widely, and may include presentations, discussions, small group sharing and Worship Sharing, games, music, and much more.