Program Fees

(Exact costs are indicated on the flyer for each specific program.)

Comprehensive rate: The top of our sliding scale covers all our direct costs for this retreat, including staff time, and those costs related to the use and long-term maintenance of the facilities.

Standard rate: Covers our direct costs, including staff time, but does not cover costs related to the use and long-term maintenance of the facilities. We hope most people will pay at least this amount.

Special reduced rate: The bottom of our sliding scale covers our cash expenses for the program and sometimes a little bit more. We hope that this lower rate encourages more people to attend our programs.

We want you to join us. Please do not let cost be an obstacle. Additional scholarships are available if necessary. Please ask if in need.


Quaker Center’s policy is to refuse no one access to our programs because of lack of funds.

Quaker Center is prepared to meet your needs up to and including a full scholarship. At the same time, since we make this same commitment to all persons attending every Quaker Center program, and we often get multiple requests for scholarships for each one, we do ask every person to discern what financial resources they do have.

If you attend a local Friends Meeting or some other faith community, we ask that you inquire about possible scholarship assistance from them. Many meetings do support Friends attending Quaker Center programs.

Once you know the resources available from other outside sources, we ask that you tell us the total amount (both personal and other funds) which you can contribute towards the cost.

About 60% of the standard registration fee is paid out by us in direct cost for you attending the program (cook, honoraria, publicity, materials). If you can put together somewhere between 60% and 100% of the cost of the program, you may simply inform us what that level will be, who will pay how much, and when.

If you need to pay less than 60% of the regular registration cost, we ask you to consider very carefully how much you can pay. Can you make a number of small payments over time to increase the total amount paid? At the same time, please remember that no payment is too small to make a difference. By paying what you can, you help us extend scholarship opportunities to everyone who asks.
We are committed to meeting your need; please get in touch with us when you have a specific proposal.