Quaker Center Program Costs

Our Program Fees are based on a Pay-As-Led model. We want you to attend our programs and we invite you to consider how much you are ably to comfortably pay, using the suggested tiered donations amounts below. If you are part of a Friends Meeting or another faith community, we ask that you inquire about possible scholarship assistance from them. Many Meetings are glad to support members of their community in attending Quaker Center programs.

In-person weekend retreat programs

Full rate: $500. The top of our sliding scale covers our expenses for this retreat,  and also includes staff time and costs related to the use and maintenance of our facilities. This rate helps us to continue offering programs like these.

Standard rate: $300. The standard rate covers direct expenses for this retreat, such as food and lodging.

Reduced rate: $150.  We hope that this subsidized rate encourages more people to attend Quaker Center programs.

We want you to join us. Additional scholarships are often available when necessary. Please let us know if cost is an obstacle to your attendance.

Online programs

Quaker Center will continue to offer online series programs throughout the year – check our program calendar for dates. These series offer three to six weekly sessions of 90 minutes each, exploring different aspects of a subject, one day per week across a month. While these programs do not incur food or lodging costs for Quaker Center, significant staff time is involved in planning and holding them, and we appreciate your support when registering.
Full rate: $350. 
Standard rate: $250.
Reduced rate: $100. 

As with our in-person programs, we try not to turn anyone away for lack of funds. Please let us know if these costs represent an obstacle or a hardship.

In-person five-day retreat programs

As of 2023, our Year-End Retreat is our only current five-day program. We are using a similar suggested amount scale as above.
Full rate: $550
Standard rate: $400
Reduced rate: $250

Individual and Meeting Annual Passes

Would you like to come to any Quaker Center program whenever you wanted? Read more about getting an Individual Annual Pass, and do just that. Your Meeting can also get an Annual Meeting Pass, and send a member of your community to any program for a year.