November News

We have had a busy fall with two wonderful programs that filled our weekends with fellowship and understanding.  Both workshops left participants feeling rejuvenated and inspired.  We have another delightful program coming up with John Calvi, The Goodness Workshop, Nov. 4-6th.  We’ll review our lives engaging in hope, and wonder, seeking where trust lives in relationship as we map the crossroads of our spiritual paths.  We are offering a $100 “bring a friend” discount for those who register together between now and November 1st.

Our plans for the Music and Dance Retreat are coming together nicely.  We have a professional caller for the dance on Saturday night and numerous opportunities for singing, playing and dancing together throughout the weekend.  We have all of Quaker Center set aside for this less formal, family-friendly, and inexpensive retreat so be sure to join us December 2nd – 4th!

Finally, we are making plans for the Year End Retreat from December 29th – January 1st.  We will focus on the themes of letting go, transformation, forgiveness, renewal, taking hold and looking ahead as Friends. We will seek peace with the spiritual work of living as people of God in a broken world. Join co-leaders: Bob Runyan, Janet Leslie, Jim Anderson, and Kathy Runyan to welcome 2012 with this time together.