quaker center 2022 calendar

2022 Program Calendar

A new year, and a new kind of calendar,
with both in-person events and online weekly series. Our in-person activities will make use of various measures to help keep one another safe. We hope that our online programs will continue to bring Quaker Center to a wider circle.  More events will be scheduled for 2022; visit www.quakercenter.org and get on our mailing list. All times Pacific.  
January 18 to February 8, Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m.The Heart of the Quaker Way – a weekly online series of four 90-minute sessions
This course will look at the essential elements of the Quaker way, outlining the ideals of Quaker community life as well as its challenges. We’ll have plenty of time for questions and discussion. Equally suitable for newcomers or those with many years of experience.
  Ben Pink Dandelion 
28-30     February
4 to 25, Fridays (time TBA)
Being Truly Seen and Heard – A Couples Enrichment Weekend (in person) Nurture and deepen your relationship through communication exercises, couples dialogue, worship and laughter. Practice addressing conflict in ways consistent with Quaker values. Make good relationships even better.   Spiritual Deepening Approaches – a weekly online series of four 75-minute  sessions
Come learn & play at this spiritual development & creativity workshop! This is an opportunity to build compassion and understanding of yourself and others using wisdom from the Enneagram and creative expression through Soul Collage. An Enneagram self assessment will be made available for participants in advance of the workshop; there will be time for sharing and deep listening in a safe and affirming environment.

Kathy and Jeff Richman
    Jeanne Haskel and Susan Wilson
Gratitude, Pain, and Transformation: Grieving and Dreaming (in person)
Towards Right Relationship with the Living World
. A weekend of spiritual deepening and discernment toward right action on behalf of our Living World. Using Joanna Macy’s The Work That Reconnects, as experienced through a Quaker lens, we will support one another with worship, experiential and contemplative practices, evocative queries, journaling, collage, discussion, and deep listening, creating ways to support our faithfulness once we’re home.
  Mary Ann Percy and
Maia Wolff
March 3
to April 7,
Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.
Clerking with Joy and Confidence – a weekly online series of six 90-minute sessions A Spiritual Practice in Worship, Service and Leadership. New to Friends, or want a touch-up? All are welcome to this clerking workshop. Each Thursday, Barbara will facilitate and bring in guest presenters on the basics of clerking, seeking Unity, dealing with challenges, and modern-day clerkships in our evolving Meetings.
Barbara Babin and Friends
22-24         May 3 to 31, Thursdays
at 10:00 a.m.
Deep Listening, the Heart of our Practice (in person) What could it mean, what could it bring to ourselves, our Meetings, our relationships, to listen so deeply that we might move past our conflicts and come together in Spirit, in Wholeness, in Relationship? In this experiential workshop we will learn about and practice deep listening, build trust and have some fun along the way.   Made in God’s Green Image – a weekly online series of five 90-minute sessions
Creation stories in the Bible describe a God who creates, tends, and takes joy in the natural world. Genesis 1:26 says that humans are made in God’s image. How do we live that out as Quakers? We’ll explore relevant Bible passages, celebrate nature, and learn some of the science of climate change. We’ll have the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences around environmental issues and take steps toward climate mitigation and resilience. We’ll hear creative solutions from around the world, including rural Honduras where Sister Confianza lives, and Frank’s experience as a COP-26 observer for Quaker Earthcare Witness.
    Tom Rothschild         Sister Confianza and
Frank Granshaw

Quaker Service & Art Camp (in person) Kids’ Camp returns at last. Rising fifth to ninth graders will learn about Quaker faith and practice, share time in nature, and build community through art and service, campfires, singing, games, hiking, and more. Let your light shine at Quaker Center camp!  Quaker Center and camp staff 

Family Work Camp (in person) Come one, come all, and spend time in the redwoods working with friends on a wide range of service projects (all ages welcome, no experience required). When we’re not working, we’ll be having fun, sharing meals, singing, swimming, playing, hiking, worshiping, and relaxing.Jesse Keesaw and Quaker Center staff 
Every Wednesday 10:00 a.m.Wednesday Worship Sharing on Zoom Join Co-Director Bob Fisher and Friends from around the world as we respond to queries based on short readings. Queries and links on our website. A wonderful mid-week hour.
Bob Fisher