What Participants Say

Program attenders are looking to:

  • “Access inner information and facilitate that discovery in others”
  • “Deepen experience of knowing the Divine in my body”
  • “Have the chance to leave things behind and let myself be open to whatever”
  • “Find renewal and reconnection with my spiritual self”
  • “Reignite my interest in social change”

Comment about our workshop leaders:

  • “Engaging, honest, and enthusiastic”
  • “Spacious and simple; I loved their playfulness and dignity”
  • “Centered, loving spirits”
  • “Promoted spiritual presence”
  • “Empathetic, intuitive; a treasured healer of our world”
  • “The best thing about their leadership: didn’t do too much”

Friends have used these words to describe Quaker Center:

  • Nurturing | soulful | caring | safe | evoking | restful | peaceful | satisfying | very stretching
  • “Deepens connection to what is most important to me”
  • “I have always been held and loved into wholeness here at the center in a way not duplicated anywhere else. It allows me to come home to myself.”

And their bellies say:

  • “The food was outstanding”
  • “The cook’s loving presence was delightful”
  • “The food contained the cook’s love and care”
  • “Homemade food at a retreat? Awesome!”