A Complimentary Quaker Centering Consultation

A Complimentary Quaker Centering Consultation

with Kathy and Bob Runyan

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“It is the central root of obedience alone which can give to outward activity any value or beauty. This is the ancient Quaker principle, and unless we hold firmly to it both in thought and in action our Society will assuredly become as salt that has lost its savour.”
~ Caroline Stephen, Light Arising: Thoughts on the Central Radiance, 1908

Ben Lomond Quaker Center invites all PYM, NPYM, and IMYM meetings to send 2 members who are interested in deepening the Quaker Life of the meeting. The only cost to Friends would be for travel expenses. Meetings are encouraged to defray travel costs.

During the Consultation we will share:

  • Activities we are currently offering to our meetings.
  • Obstacles and struggles we face among Friends.
  • Ideas for overcoming these obstacles.
  • How the connections made during the consultation can support interactions within and between meetings.
  • Ways that Quaker Center programs, including “Quaker Center on the Road” could better enrich the Life of our meetings.



Kathy and Bob Runyan have served in many ways in local and regional Quaker meetings since 1995. They were on staff for the Woolman Semester School at Sierra Friends Center, and have served as CoDirectors of Quaker Center since March of 2011.
Our conversations among Friends about Quakerism and the life and power of its past have resulted in deeply shared concerns about its present and future. We feel led to share the work of helping to rekindle the fire of Quakerism that was experienced and lived out by the original Friends. We are seeking ways we can work together to create a new Quaker movement and a richer, more vital community of Friends.