“Quaker Center seeks to nurture the spiritual growth and faithfulness of Friends and others, while strengthening Quakerism and its witness in the world. We offer programs and personal retreats exemplifying Friends’ testimonies of community, integrity, simplicity, peace, and equality. We strive to live in right order with all creation, especially with the redwood forest that sustains us here in the Santa Cruz mountains.”

The Maintenance Technician is responsible for performing routine and periodic maintenance tasks, making improvements to the buildings and grounds, and implementing the preventive maintenance program for Quaker Center. This is a full-time position and should require an average of 40 hours per week. Because it is a residential “on call” position, however, these hours will not be restricted to any scheduled time.

The Maintenance Technician reports to the Center Co-Directors and works in coordination with them and the Buildings and Grounds Committee, establishing long-range plans, developing the maintenance and capital improvements budgets, and reviewing and amending the preventive maintenance program.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Take care of the shop, tools, equipment storage areas and Quaker Center vehicles.
  • Make general repairs.
  • Train and manage a part-time maintenance assistant.
  • Maintain the water system, and be able to respond effectively to changing water system regulations.
  • Maintain Quaker Center’s septic and fire systems.
  • Collect and haul all trash and recycling.
  • Design and draw plans for new facilities, in cooperation with builders, architects and government agencies.
  • Submit applications for building permits and respond effectively to government mandates relating to the physical facilities at Quaker Center.
  • Select qualified contractors using objective and explainable criteria, and supervise these contractors and their work.
  • Orient and train new employees, and supervise their work in regard to maintenance duties.
  • Maintain the roads and trails.
  • Cut and store firewood.
  • Perform periodic housekeeping tasks as needed.
  • Coordinate and supervise work projects and crews of the annual workcamp, and provide support as needed to other Quaker Center camps.
  • Attend all Buildings and Grounds Committee meetings.
  • Keep Center Co-Directors informed about work completed and scheduled.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings; clerk and take notes as part of a rotation of meeting roles/ responsibilities..
  • Attend BLQCA board meetings when maintenance/buildings and grounds issues are being discussed, as requested.
  • Assume the time-critical functions of the Director(s) in their absence.


  • Possess good mechanical aptitude, and the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the stated job responsibilities.
  • Willingness to work toward Level 2 water treatment certification (preparation to begin immediately upon hire).
  • Be able to prepare and submit applications for planning and building permits and to respond effectively to mandates and requirements from government agencies regarding the facilities at Quaker Center, induding insurance compliance, claims, state water board reporting, etc.
  • Be able to design and draw plans for new facilities, in cooperation with builders, architects and government agencies.
  • Be able to select qualified contractors using objective and explainable criteria, and supervise their work.
  • Be in good physical condition.
  • Able to perform the physical motions necessary to operate a variety of mechanical equipment.
  • Able to climb tall ladders.
  • Able to lift up to 90 pounds.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.

Since this is a service position in a Friends organization it is desirable for the maintenance staff to be familiar with and sympathetic to Friends values, beliefs and practices. Moreover, since the maintenance staff represents Quaker Center to the outside community it is also necessary for him/her to demonstrate commitment to Friends’ testimonies of simple living, non-violence, equality, community and responsible stewardship of the environment.. Membership in the Religious Society of Friends is not required.


  • Semi-monthly pay dates based on an hourly wage determined by skills and experience
  • Housing at 1000 Hubbard Gulch Road, Ben Lomond, CA 95005 and utilities, including telephone and internet.

Term: Three-year commitment, renewable by mutual agreement, with a six-month probationary period.

Nondiscrimination Policy: Applicants will be considered without reference to age, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.