Year-End Retreat: Awareness, Attentiveness, and Acceptance

Year End Retreat: Awareness, Attentiveness, and Acceptance

with David and Trish Johnson

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“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”
~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

Whatever happened in 2017, let our hearts be opened so each of us may better understand and undertake what God is asking of us. We are being given another year, hopefully, of living in the Light. Join us in exploring Quaker writings, the Bible and your Inner Guide for ‘walking in the Light’.
The practice of prayer is practising the presence of God. David will draw on his book A Quaker Prayer Life, and invite people to explore the ancient, and radical, practices in prayer and worship of early Friends. These Quaker writings, the Bible and other sacred texts provide much guidance for ‘walking in the Light’, in a life of prayer and service.

Trish will explore how our brains are wonderfully made to assist us in our spiritual search and practices. Conversely we will see how prayer, meditation and compassion increase neurological health and our capacity for spiritual awareness, and how ‘presence’ of body, can facilitate Presence
of Spirit.

Our time together will contain information sessions, periods for sharing experiences, and time for personal prayer and reflection, with a range of exercises to open up spiritual space. The retreat will include an afternoon and overnight period of silence midway through, and it is open
for anyone from mid-teens onwards in age.

About the program facilitators:
David and Trish were 2013-14 Co-Directors of the Silver Wattle Quaker Centre in Austrailia.

David Johnson is a convinced Friend of Conservative nature. David delivered the 2005 Backhouse Lecture to Australia Yearly Meeting on Peace is a Struggle, and wrote A Quaker Prayer Life (2013), and Jesus, Christ and Servant: Meditations on the Gospel According to John (2017). He was involved in setting up the Australian Quaker Centre at Silver Wattle, as a place for spiritual renewal and nurture.

Trish Johnson has been in private practice as a psychologist and trainer for over 30 years. Trish embraces mindfulness and neuropsychology in her clinical practice. She has served as Convener of the Committee of Elders at Silver Wattle.