Toward Right Relationships with Native Peoples

with Paula Palmer

April 13-15, 2018

Program flyer

“We have not considered the wrongs [against] Indians as our own. We have aided in driving them further and further west, until, as the poor Indians said, ‘You will drive us away, until we go beyond the setting sun.’ I wonder if, with the profession we Friends have made of care for the Indians, we have been active enough in our labor.”
~ Lucretia Mott at the Abington Peace Meeting in 1869

Through a series of experiential exercises, a slide presentation, a film, quiet reflection, writing, worship sharing and discussion, participants will grapple with our nation’s history of genocide and colonization as well as Friends’ historic and current relationships with Native peoples. We will lift up some positive examples of de-colonizing processes and ask ourselves how we might take next steps toward building right relationship with Native peoples.

Given our nation’s history of genocide and colonization, what would “right relationship” with Native peoples look like? What can we learn from Quaker history? From some good examples? From Native people themselves? Beginning with an historical overview of genocide and colonization, to the role Quakers played in this history, to examples of positive processes for peacemaking, truth and reconciliation, restorative justice, and to consideration of next steps that each participant can take in their own community and meeting. Resources for continued learning and support will be offered.

About the program facilitator

Paula Palmer’s ministry, Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples, has been under the care of the Boulder CO Meeting since 2013. In collaboration with Native educators, Paula created and facilitates workshops that inspire and motivate communities to examine their wounded relationships with Native peoples and take steps toward healing. As the 2016 Pendle Hill Cadbury Scholar, she conducted research and produced articles and videos about the role Quakers played the era of the Indian Boarding Schools. For more information about her Toward Right Relationship ministry, please see