Still Point and Moving Edge

with Jim Anderson, Erin Eichenberger Newman, Diego Navarro, Dan Rosenson and Kathy Runyan

June 2 – 7, 2017


“….what makes Quakerism a radical faith, is that it is more than one expression or concept. It is a dynamic center made up of paradoxical understandings to be held in creative tension, and always with humility and openness to the Spirit that is beyond our full understanding.”

-Marty Walton, Bill Taber, Frances Irene Taber, Discovering the Center of Quakerism, FJ 07/92

What makes us Quakers? An inner experience? A common history? A searching? A finding? How, in our journey toward truth, do we discover a place to stand, a way to be, a next step to take? Still Point and the Moving Edge is a five-day gathering where we will embrace and explore the tensions of our Quaker faith. We will ask: is our faith determined by where we ground ourselves or by where that grounding leads us? Is it particular specific beliefs or openness to varying faiths? Participating in spiritual community or growing through individual practice? Or is it the very tensions in our Religious Society that allow us to feel what holds us together, who we are as Friends?

In these days together we will ask ourselves what of our tradition is living or can be awakened, and what it may be time to lay aside. We will ask ourselves what in new forms and directions is fresh with possibility, and what abandons or distorts what we have found to be true. Through worship, activities, study, and small-group sharing we will investigate our practices, values, experience, heritage, and future. Quakers new and seasoned, involved and estranged, are welcome to join and seek how our lives fit into the Religious Society of Friends and how the Society fits into our lives.


Dan Rosenson began regularly attending Multnomah Monthly Meeting when he moved from New Hampshire to Portland, Oregon in 2014. After working for several years as a bicycle mechanic, Dan decided to focus full-time on his interest in religion. Now a student, Dan hopes to share his enthusiasm for the world’s faith traditions as an educator after completing his degree.

Diego Navarro, is a member of Santa Cruz Friends Meeting, and grew up in Claremont Friends Meeting. He benefited greatly from participating in PYM’s youth programs. He has developed and conducted workshops on leadings, drawing in part from his twelve years following a leading to develop a transformative program for at-risk and under-prepared students. Diego currently serves as the presiding clerk of Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Erin Eichenberger Newman grew up an Evangelical Friend in Newberg, Oregon, attended Earlham College, then spent half a decade away from Quakers. In 2010, she went to East West College of the Healing Arts and encountered the Spirit of the Living God while practicing Craniosacral Massage with classmates. She then began attending Multnomah Monthly Meeting and now worships with unprogrammed Friends while maintaining close kinships with dear ones in the Evangelical tradition. She is a licensed massage therapist and yoga practitioner.

Jim Anderson joined the Society of Friends in 1980 while teaching in Hong Kong. He has been active among west coast Friends since that time, while teaching comparative religion at the state university in Chico. Recently he has felt called to work with Friends eager to rebuild and revitalize Quakerism— through study, restructuring, active witness, and patterns of daily living.

Kathy Runyan began attending Quaker meeting in 1995 and quickly got involved teaching First Day School and in the CPQM Children’s Program. She became a member of Chico Friends Meeting in 2001. After homeschooling her children for eight years, she began working for the Woolman Semester in 2003. She and her husband, Bob, became the Co-Directors of Quaker Center in 2011 after feeling called to the work of nourishing the spiritual lives of Friends and helping to revitalize Quakerism in the west. She is now a member of Santa Cruz Meeting.

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