Remixing Faith: Seeds of Renewal in the Quaker Tradition for the 21st Century

with Wess Daniels

“I see a Quaker community that does not yet exist, and I am absolutely committed to its coming into being.”
~ Vincent Harding

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Through presentation, discussion and various activities we will reflect upon the challenges within the Quaker tradition and consider a “convergent” framework for how Friends can address these changes in ways that honor the importance of tradition, while also allowing space for creation and innovation.

If you are a Friend who is open to change, and want new ways of looking at Quakerism and our engagement with culture, we hope you will join us. Young Friends are particularly encouraged to take part.

Please bring a journal and note-taking materials, along with an open mind, ready to explore new
ideas for the Society of Friends.

About the program facilitator:
C. Wess Daniels is the William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center & Quaker Studies at Guilford College. He is interested in human interactions, spiritual development and revitalization of tradition and community. Prior to teaching at Guilford, Wess was a “released minister” at Camas Friends Church in Washington State. He is the author of, “A Convergent Model of Renewal: Remixing The Quaker Tradition in Participatory Culture” (2015). Identifying as a “convergent Friend,” Wess is a bridge-builder and boundary-crosser when it comes to our various Quaker branches and is passionate about renewing the Quaker tradition.

Wess has been working with others to cast a vision for Friends that will help us be faithful to our tradition, while adapting and changing according to the needs of both our local and global communities of which we are a part. He has worked on this as an academic project, within pastoral ministry among Friends, and now as teacher in higher education. Wess loves to work with others who are interested in thinking through how Quaker tradition can grow and change.