Quaker Spiritual Community over Time

November 15-17, 2019

with Ben Pink Dandelion (note that the two workshops led by Ben will be separated by an open day. You can register for one workshop or both workshops. If you plan to take part in both workshops and stay at Quaker Center in between, be sure to select that option when you register.)

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“… the kingdom of heaven did gather us and catch us all, as in a net; and his heavenly power at one time drew many
hundreds to land [from the sea of the world’s nations], that we came to know a place to stand in, and in what to wait in, …”

Edward Burrough, 1634-1663

This course looks at the changing relationship between Quakers and wider culture over three and a half centuries and the ways in which Friends have tried to nurture authentic spirituality as ‘mystics in the midst.’ As Friends, we have never quite fitted into wider society, nor have we totally wanted to. Yet that relationship has been one of constant change as our spiritual and political confidence has itself been in flux. This course looks at the theological basis of separation and of standing apart as well as the historical shifts that have allowed a greater sense of finding allies in the non-Quaker world. Throughout, we use this historical overview to reflect on our current condition, our preferences and prejudices as we try to continue to live in that tradition of living our lives as ‘mystics in the midst’.

Both courses will be centered around talks but with some small group sharing. Worship will frame our time together. No prior knowledge or experience is required and participants need only to bring their curiosity.

About the Workshop Facilitator

Ben Pink Dandelion is a member of Pendle Hill Area Meeting, part of Britain Yearly Meeting. He has worked at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre since 1992 and currently directs their postgraduate program. He has written and edited a number of devotional and academic books on the Quaker way and the history, theology and sociology of Quakerism. He gave the 2014 Swarthmore Lecture Open for Transformation: being Quaker and also wrote the companion volumes celebrating the Quaker Way and Living the Quaker Way. This is his first visit to Ben Lomond.