Listening to Nature’s wisdom: An online program on equity, inclusion & letting go

with Mica Estrada

October 9th & 10th, 2020

A retreat for considering how nature can teach us to grow
our spiritual, social and ecological health

Nature allows diversity to flourish and find its way to eq uity, inclusion and letting go. But, how does nature respond to imbalances and limited resources? When does it flow with conscious effort toward precious coexistence? Are we comfortable with the answers?

We will be reflecting on our own ecosystems, which includes recognizing the values, community and daily practices we hold dear. We will reflect upon the implications for forming a more radically inclusive and healthy Society of Friends. We may walk away with more questions
than answers.

The weekend will give space and time to shifting our paradigm from trying to solve a problem to listening to a wise earth. Stories and activities drawn from Quaker writers, the Bible, and Mexican/Native traditions will be amply represented. Wear comfortable shoes,
and clothing suitable to spending some pleasant hours out of doors.

Mica Estrada is a member of Strawberry Creek Friends meeting (Pacific
Yearly Meeting) and serves on the Eldering subcommittees of PYM
Ministry Committee. An Associate Professor at UC San Francisco, her
research and writing focuses on ethnic populations that are historically underrepresented in higher education, are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and have the potential to provide diverse and creative solutions to the pressing challenges of our day. As a Latina, raised with awareness of wh ite American, Native American, and distinctly Chicano values and culture, she has felt called to bridge wisdom traditions that are both mystical and scientific in their approach to kindness, inclusion, and community building. She continues to ask the insistent and persistent question: How do we simultaneously address the great challenges of our time by deepening our spiritual lives?