Family Work Camp

July 29 – Aug. 3, 2019

Co-led by Kathy and Bob Runyan and Jesse Keesaw

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2019 Family Work Camp flyer

“…all the work-campers are your best friends. Work is greeted with such enthusiasm that it’s hard to say that the play is a lot more fun than the work.” ~ Mark Runyan at age 13, 1995

Family Work Camp has been called, “the best family vacation ever”!
It is an opportunity to invest your strength and energy into Quaker Center and community building. Through a work camp culture of service as a spiritual practice, people with all skill levels can experience the joy of community life as we work, learn, and play together. Family Work Camp is open to anyone interested regardless of age or skill level. Young people, accompanied by a parent or adult sponsors, are welcome and will be helped to participate in the work camp in a meaningful way.

Early morning: Bob will convene Bible reading in the manner of Friends at 6:30 and Meeting for Worship from 7:30 – 8am in the Library. Meanwhile, others will help prepare for breakfast during that time.

After breakfast: work crews will gather at their job sites and gather with Kathy for a brief meeting around noon to celebrate the day’s accomplishments and coordinate afternoon and evening activities.

Afternoons: we will be free for individual time, or for more community building through music, games, discussions, doing jigsaw puzzles, swimming in a local Friend’s backyard pool, and other work camper led field trips.

Evening activities: will be developed by participants. Please bring ideas! In the past, evening activities have included stargazing, table top games, singing, folk dancing, and a field trip to the local park for a family friendly game of soccer.

What will the projects be? Throughout the week, Jesse will guide our work together on a wide variety of large and small projects designed with both the skilled worker and the novice in mind. We will have painting and accessibility projects, invasive plant removal, landscaping and garden work, trail repair and maintenance, and splitting firewood. We all experience building new bridges- some literally, though for most of us it’s figuratively.

Who are the leaders? Kathy and Bob Runyan, Quaker Center Co-Directors, have participated in Family Work Camps since 2001, and assisted with leading Woolman’s Family Work Camp in addition to this one at Quaker Center. They find that an intergenerational community that worships, works, cooks, eats, and plays together builds a deep sense of community and offers a touchstone and what really matters throughout the rest of the year.

Jesse Keesaw, Quaker Center’s Maintenance Tech, grew up spending much of his time exploring the local natural history of the Santa Cruz Mountains bioregion where he was born, a passion that continues to this day. When not busy with the diverse tasks he performs at the Quaker Center, he also enjoys gardening, writing, and spending time with his wife, Michelle, daughter, Malaya, and looks forward to their new baby on the way.