Faithful Living in Challenging Times

with Marty Grundy and Connie Green

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Friends are called to Faithful Living in these Challenging Times. We hope the weekend will offer a chance to slow down, be contemplative, and listen. There are so many challenges and I am only one small person with the other parts of my life taking up most of my time and energy. There will be time for lamentation as we consider the magnitude of the systemic evil of institutions in which we are enmeshed. What can I do? What am I asked to do? To find hints of a way forward, to glimpse hope and joy, we will tell stories—ours, yours, radical Jesus, and early Friends. We will explore the importance of personal spiritual disciplines and try one on for size. We hope to explore how to be more open to direct Divine nudges, how to discern a leading however small. Can we discover what hinders our faithfulness, and what empowers it? What is the role of our faith communities helping one another lead more faithful lives? What does a “faithful life” look like in 2019? Finally we want to examine our intention—how do we name it? How do we nourish it? How does it guide our being and doing?


Connie McPeak Green and Marty Grundy worked together in Cleveland Meeting, and traveled in the ministry together. Connie is a retired hospice nurse whose experiences with forgiveness are the basis for the Pendle Hill Pamphlet, Matthew 18: Wisdom for living in community. Connie was the first Friend in Residence in Chena Ridge Meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, and is a recorded minister of Cleveland Meeting, currently a member of Claremont Meeting, Pacific YM. Marty is member of Wellesley Friends Meeting in Massachusetts Marty was the first clerk of FGC’s Traveling Ministries Program. She wrote the Pendle Hill Pamphlet, Tall Poppies, edited the journal of early Friend, David Ferris (Resistance and Obedience to God), and occasionally reviews books for Friends Journal.