Clerking with Joy and Enthusiasm

August 30 – September 1, 2019

with Barbara Babin and Jamie Newton

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“Business meeting is a meeting for worship, as mystical as any Quaker worship. The Spirit is present with us, leading and teaching us, and angels are hovering ‘round.” ~ Elizabeth Meyer, A Practical Mysticism

Clerking with Joy and Enthusiasm is for all Friends with an interest in Quaker process, meeting for business, and deepening their connection with the Divine. It is for current and aspiring presiding clerks, recording clerks, committee clerks, and everyone else who is holding the clerks and Friends’ discernment processes in the Light.

In this workshop we hope to support those currently serving as clerks and to inspire others to consider how they might take up leadership roles in their meetings and how they might lovingly support those growing into leadership roles. We will look at the real joys and challenges of clerking, providing practical strategies, resources, and tried-and-true processes that can help business meetings and committee meetings run smoothly. We will weave the practical experience of seeking unity together with the mystical experience of Quaker worship.


Barbara Babin
has served as clerk of several meetings, quarterly, and yearly meeting committees, and has co-facilitated several clerking workshops. She has been presiding clerk of Palo Alto and Redwood Forest Meetings. With a passion for supporting spiritual growth in young people, she has accompanied teen trips to El Salvador, is an elder for the PYM Spring Youth Service-Learning Camp, and has served on various children/teen program committees.

Jamie Newton has been a recording clerk consistently for three decades, serving Pacific Yearly Meeting, New Mexico Regional Meeting, Palo Alto Monthly Meeting (CA), and Gila Monthly Meeting (NM). Jamie is Clerk of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Intermountain Yearly Meeting. He understands recording in meetings for business as an exercise in deep listening, attuned to the flow of the spirit among Friends as we find our way together. Jamie’s approach to recording is guided by the fox’s advice to the Little Prince: “Words are the source of misunderstanding… It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)