JOB DESCRIPTION: Office and Hospitality Manager


The Office and Hospitality Manager at the Ben Lomond Quaker Center (BLQC) works cooperatively with the Co-Directors to maintain vital, spirit-led organizations, which speak to the spiritual condition of Friends and others.  The Office Coordinator is directly accountable to the BLQC Co-Directors and manages the office in their absence, working cooperatively with the Maintenance Technician and the Housekeeper to ensure a high-quality experience. This job description describes a part-time position that requires a range of 20 to 30 hours per week.
The O&H Manager must live at Quaker Center and, because the position is a residential and “on-call” position, the hours are not restricted to regular time periods, but will generally include two or three weekends per month. Given the small staff at Quaker Center, all staff are expected to assist other staff as needed when absences or urgent needs require it. The residential nature of this role, requires that all staff maintain open communication with other staff to ensure a healthy balance between work and personal needs for all. 
Job Responsibilities for the Office and Hospitality Manager:  
BLQC Responsibilities  

Represent BLQC to Quaker Center constituents and at occasional Quaker gatherings

Assume on-call duties attending to the needs of Quaker Center and its guests

Provide for logistical support for BLQC guests and rental group members

Answer phones and general email inquiries

Lead tours of Quaker Center facilities and grounds  

Schedule facility rentals by outside groups and private retreaters

Prepare contracts for rentals

Correspond with facility rental clients

Coordinate services for users: prepare facilities, welcome, orient and supervise final cleanup, etc.  

Maintain digital and physical files

Help maintain user and donor databases

Update registration information for Quaker Center programs

Update donation information and support for donor communications.

Support maintenance of current printed and web-based materials and correspondence  

Assist other staff with their usual duties when support is needed.  

Input payment information into accounting software

Maintain clean and tidy physical appearance of office space and library


Experience and spiritual alignment with Quaker values, beliefs, and decision-making practices  

Demonstrated commitment to Quaker testimonies including: integrity, simplicity, peace, equality, unity, stewardship, and community. 

 Effective written and verbal communication skills  

Strong computer skills related to office management, content management, and website editing, and the willingness to learn what is required to perform tasks.  

A valid driver’s license and a good driving record.

Physical Requirements:  

Endurance and willingness to perform basic housekeeping skills at a commercial scale level.  

Walk two miles over uneven terrain, up to half at a 6% grade  

Unload supplies from vehicles and move to storage/use sites  

Move furniture during setup of facilities 


Quaker Identified (Monthly Meeting, Yearly Meeting or other Quaker Organization experience and leadership.)


This residential position is compensated by complementary housing and utilities valued at approximately $6-$8 per hour, in addition to a starting wage of $15 per hour (for an overall value of approximately $21 -$23/hr.).  The housing provided is the furnished two-room apartment with private bath adjacent to the office.

15 Paid-Time-Off (PTO) days per year and 9 paid holidays per year

All household supplies that Quaker Center buys in bulk for rental facilities (paper and cleaning products).

Complimentary participation in Quaker Center programs including meals.  

5 nights guest use of one of the Quaker Center cabins each year.  

Use of Quaker Center facilities and equipment when not needed for Quaker Center business.

Applicants will be considered regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion.

(831) 336-8333