A Weekend with Isaac Penington

with Brian Drayton

“There is that near you which will guide you, O wait for it, and be sure ye keep to it…
feel him by his Spirit and life going along with you, and leading you into what he would
have you do.”
~ Isaac Penington

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Program Flyer

For centuries, Isaac Penington’s works have been known as a treasury for the seeker and the finder, but his language and his thought can be strange and hard to read. During this weekend, in worship and discussion, we will encounter Isaac Penington, guide to inward experience and outward witness. We will learn the basics of his life and struggles for an authentic spiritual life during a time of social upheaval and intense persecution, and his relation to some of the
movements of his day. Most of all, however, we will read meditatively some selections from his works, and use his thought to examine our own inward conditions, spiritual practices, life in our meetings, and outward witness. Penington’s words were written to help others know “the mystery of life within,” and by the end of the weekend, it is hoped that attenders will have been challenged and strengthened in knowing and living that mystery.

About the program facilitator:

Brian Drayton, of Souhegan (NH) Meeting, is a plant ecologist working in science education. A recordeded minister, he has traveled and taught extensively among Friends. Recent writings include A language for the inward landscape (co-authored with William Taber), and the Pendle Hill pamphlets Getting Rooted and James Nayler Speaking. His On Living With a Concern for Gospel Ministry has been among the best selling Quaker books of the past few years. His blog is called Amor Vincat (May love have the victory!) amorvincat.wordpress.com