Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the rates?

A: Our rates are available on the website here. Prices depend greatly on the number of people attending.


Q: What is the availability?

A: We book relatively fast and far ahead here at Quaker Center. We have an availability calendar however, this calendar does not reflect tentative reservations- so while it is a good point to start at when checking availability- it is always a good idea to call and double check.


Q: What does the kitchen come equipped with?

A: Both the Redwood Lodge and the Orchard Lodge come equipped with a commercial kitchen. We do not provide food, but do provide the equipment to prepare it. Plates, bowls, cups, mugs, pots, pans, utensils, etc. are included as well as a water boiler/coffee machine. We suggest that if you desire equipment such as a food processor, or an immersion blender that you bring your own.


Q: What is the reservation policy and process?

A: After we have confirmed that we have availability on the dates you desire we we will begin writing a contract. In order to do so, we require an address, phone number, email, secondary contact, and phone and/or email. After the contract has been made, we send it to the main contact and ask that you make a first deposit within 30 days. We tentatively hold the reservation for 30 days- if we do not receive a deposit by the date stated on the contract then we will drop the reservation. The first deposit is 1/4 of the total base rate price. We require a second deposit to be made at least 4 months in advance of the reservation date (stated on contract). The first two deposits are credited toward the total balance and the final payment is due upon departure.


Q: What is the cancellation policy, can I get my deposit back?

A: Your reservation may be cancelled if your first deposit is not received by the due date. Half of the first deposit is refundable up to 30 days after that initial due date and thereafter it is not refundable. The second deposit is non-refundable. If cancellation occurs within 30 days of the start date of your reservation, the main contact or organization is obligated to pay the remainder of the base fee agreed to in your contract.


Q: When can my group arrive? How late can we depart on the last day?

A: The standard arrival time for groups renting our facilities for the night is either 3 pm with a 12 pm departure or 5pm with a 2pm departure. If your group needs to arrive earlier or depart later you will be charged additional fees. Your arrival and departure times, and any additional fees, will be included in your contract.


Q: What is your cleaning policy?

A: Quaker Center must be left in the same or better condition than which it was offered. Quaker Center will assess surcharges for staff labor required due to insufficient cleaning and/or costs to address damages (including scent removal due to perfumes, smoke, etc.) incurred by said group.


Q: What is the maximum capacity for rentals?

A: The Orchard Lodge and Redwood Lodge can accommodate 24 people each (48 people in total, if both lodges are rented) however , we have floor mats and camping spaces available. It ultimately depends on the flexibility of your group and whether people are willing to sleep on the floor, in the Casa de Luz, or bring a tent to camp. The Sojourners Cabin and the Haven can accommodate up to 4 (shared beds).


Q: What do you recommend bringing on a retreat?

A: Please bring sheets and a pillow case (if you do not bring these we have linens to rent for $10), a flashlight, rain gear (especially in October through May), warm clothes, a towel and unscented toiletries,  insect repellent (April-September).


Q: Do you host weddings?

A: The Quaker Center hosts wedding ceremonies of 30 people or less only. We do not host receptions due to County and State regulations during the current pandemic. 


Q: Can you recommend some cooks?

A: We recommend contacting Tod Nysether, Quaker Center’s go-to cook.


Q: What is the weather like?

A: The weather at Quaker Center varies; technically QC is situated in a rain forest. In the winter we expect lots of rain and colder weather, in the summer it is hot and dry. You can take a look at the weather at Quaker Center in real time: here.