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A Weekend for Couples with Kathy and Jeff Richman

October 30th, 2020 – November 1st, 2020

“Have you ever sat with [your beloved}{when during a} conversation the talk took a new turn and you both listened avidly to the other and to something that was emerging…? You found yourselves saying things that astonished you and finally you stopped talking and there was an immense naturalness about the long silent pause that followed. In that silent interval you were possessed by what you had discovered together. If this has happened to you, you know that when you come up out of such an experience, there is a memory of rapture and a feeling in the heart of having touched holy ground.”

– Douglas Steere, 1955

This program is open to any couple in a committed relationship.  In the sessions, we will celebrate the joys of our lives as partners, work to improve communication, and learn how to use areas of conflict as an opportunity to grow as a couple.  At the heart of a couple enrichment workshop is learning and practicing the couple dialogue process.  It is a time of rich sharing in a loving and supportive environment.

The program is not therapy.  It is intended for couples with a strong commitment to each other who want to improve and enhance their relationship. The workshop emphasizes creating a trustworthy and comfortable community, learning concepts and skills, and giving couples the time and space to focus on each other.

Some sharing is expected, but no one has to share on any particular topic. Some of the couple’s work is done in private. The program is not confrontational, and expectations will be stated to ensure the emotional safety and confidentiality of all participants.

The program will include communication exercises, worship, worship sharing, free time, and some fun!  You will be able to focus on your partner and on your relationship for an entire weekend. 

We will observe Quaker Center’s guidelines for safe gatherings, which have been developed in accordance with those of Santa Cruz County.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM LEADERS: Kathy and Jeff have been a couple for more than 40 years.  They attended their first Couple Enrichment workshop at the Friends General Conference Gathering in 1995 and were trained as leaders the following summer.  They have led workshops at Quaker Center, at FGC, and at several monthly meetings.  They are presently involved in creating an online training program for new leader couples, along with other members of Friends Couple Enrichment.   Kathy is a retired teacher, Jeff a retired school nurse.  They enjoy singing, hiking, gardening, and traveling.  They live in Salinas, CA, and are members of Live Oak Meeting.  They have two adult daughters and two grandchildren.